Bits in pieces

September 2010


"Bits in pieces" is a short Gondry-esque disaster movie. We used only old-fashioned techniques. No computer effects, no blue screen, no digital animation. Instead we used nylon wires, cardboard, and crêpe paper. Everything you see was created on the film set, not in a computer. It was made for a Dutch IT company, to support their campaign for, a community based website where you can get free IT advice.

Written and directed by Joeri Pruys
Produced by Joeri Pruys & Elseline Hokke

Advertising Agency: In-house at OGD ict services, Delft, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Joeri Pruys
Art Director: Joeri Pruys
Copywriter: Joep van der Zijden
Photographer: Daniël Baggerman
Director of Photography: Daniël Baggerman
Production design: Jowan de Haan
Sound design: Arjen de Bruijn
Web development project management: Jauco Noordzij, Michiel de Jongh
Ad design: Jowan de Haan, Thomas Sciarone
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well there's five minutes I won't get back in my life.

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:), that's something I regret as well, cause the rest of your life - minus five minutes - you're creating peace on earth, the cure for every disease known to mankind and clean fusion energy. Yep, you're time is too important to waste here......
So why do you waste time writing comments???

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well, i like the idea behind this video (no computer effects) and the music is cool

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Oh dear..... that was painful. I did love the effects tho, really cool. But I have NO idea what that was about, so trippy!

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please take it away!

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