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November 2017


For many people suffering from psoriasis, clear skin is the ultimate goal. But for years, it’s been an impossible dream. Until now.

Thanks to recent advances in dermatology, clear skin is now achievable for people with psoriasis. And the campaign is sharing the good news. We’re motivating, encouraging and chivvying people with psoriasis to go back to their dermatologist and ask for what they deserve: clear skin. What they do with it is up to them.

Film advertisement created by Havas, United Kingdom for Novartis, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: Havas Lynx, UK
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Richards
Creative Director: Lou Shipley
Art Director: John McPartland
Copywriter: Angus Prior
Producer: Tarryn Farnworth
Senior Account Manager: Holly Balmforth
Director: Nils Gerbens
Production Agency: Lovo Films
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What is the name of the song used in this advert??

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he has dance moves.

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What is the name of the song used in this advert??

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I feel very upset by this advert. It gives the false impression that psoriasis treatment cosentxy ( produced by Norvartis ) is easily available and will lead to clear skin. The reality is this strong medication, given by monthly injections, is a biological therapy, the very last line treatment for chronic psoriasis and psoriatic arthrisits. To approved this treatment all other methods must have been tried first, for years at times, then failed. The drug often usher prior to this is Methktrexate, a low dose chemotherapy with horrendous side effects, long term too. I have been taking cosentyx two years, my body was 80%. covered In psoriasis raw sores. It took months while to show improvement. Which is not permanent by any means. Psoriasis is an immune system disorder and these biological drugs are very strong immune suppressants with terrible long term side effects. You have to have several tests to be approved including HIV test and TB, then regular blood tests to monitor for liver liver and kidney damage and white blood cell count. Infections are caught easily and can be life threatening. You need to carry a warning card. This advert gives the impression to those who have a small patch of dry skin thinkin they can buy this drug easily and all will be well. I think I it is disgraceful. Psoriasis rules my life and has ruined many aspects of my life. This is one of the latest “wonder drug” biological therapies but not a cure. It may help some people but this advert is grossly misleading. I am so upset about it.

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