August 2011


'Gulp' is a short film created by Sumo Science at Aardman, depicting a fisherman going about his daily catch. Shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales, every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot using a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. The film has broken a world record for the 'largest stop-motion animation set', with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet.

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I really don't understand Nokia's strategic approach. Maybe I'm not the target, but why should I care that I can do a lavish animated short film with my frigging cell phone? I mean, does anybody really care?
And none of the stories themselves have yet really moved me in any way. They all end up being pretty flat artistic exercises.
Nothing I've seen from Nokia in this campaign has moved me to even consider them as an option in the smart phones category. To me this is an epic fail from the business point of view.

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I'd have to disagree with you. To me this is a great move. If you notice many ppl like to be very creative and things on their own, esp with a cellphone! Even professional photography has been taken over by amateurs jsut by using their "little things". Photography is one example, there are a myriad of others. I really got attracted to this bcuz I'd say I'm part of the target market...and I really want to see how this was done.

Hammad S
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"the world's largest stop-motion animation" has done by nokia n8.. i can imagine the technology that nokia has. nice movie..

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Please somebody ban stop motion ads.

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I have to go with ABAKE on this one.
It leaves me with a big Who cares-face and stop motion was an obvious boring choice.

Nike Diesel
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Very good animation!

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Cobb wasn't dreaming all along.

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This is a great one.

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