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November 2010


Film advertisement created by TBWA, Canada for Nissan, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Office: Jack Neary
Creative Directors: Mark Mason, Allen Oke, James Ansley
Copywriter: Graeme Campbell
Art Director: Cliff Seto, Mark Mason
Agency Producer: Nadya MacNeil, Lindsay Hutchison
Group Account Director: Richard Phillips
Account Director: Trevor Byrne
Director: Psyop
Production Company: Psyop
Psyop Creative Director: Laurent Ledru
Visual Effects: MassMarket
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Leighton Greer
VFX Supervisor: Kyle Cassidy
Animation Supervisor: Dan Vislocky
PreViz Supervisor: Matt Connolly
Composite Supervisor: Shahana Kahn
Modeling Supervisor: Andy Kim
Matte Painting Supervisor: Matt Conway
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morse's picture

The first two were great. This one falls flat.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
HappyHour's picture

"In a city full of predators, prey is never hard to find."

supply and demand FAIL

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jackmancer2017's picture

Nissan trying really hard to be cool. I find it a bit so-so. Good attempt though.

Sushi lover's picture

it is too much for me.

Sushi lover
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Dream needs to be big!

morse's picture

The first two were great. This one falls flat.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

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CuriousPencil's picture

"Innovation in design, innovation for all" takes one tired word and kills it twice in one comatose payoff. I'm flabbergasted that this ad exists: do they *really* not expect flak from motoring organisations for showing wilful antagonism against motorcyclists? What the fuck kind of meeting let this arsewipe of an idea out of the toilet?

And further, 'the only difference between predator and hunter is the trophy'? Sorry, no. Predators and Hunters are surely just a quickstep away from each other on the semantic dancefloor.

This ad was patently written by fantastic animators. Not approved.

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Guest's picture

how did the girl get so quickly from 1 building to another, lots of direction bloopers

SuperPolle's picture

This is trying way too much.
I'm sure a couple of 8-year-old boys fond of Transformers will love it - but they rarely get to buy cars ...
And the darn thing is ugly!

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Yarp's picture

Bleh. This is trying to be cool so hard that it went lame.

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Copywriter at Freelance
chickey191's picture

Really Nissan -
knocking over and killing motorcycles and motorcyclists. INCREDIBLY poor taste.
As an avid motorcyclist for many years it is bad enough that automobile drivers are seemingly out out to get us on a daily basis, so yes - I am sensitive to the context of this ad -

I am also owner of a Nissan Titan -

I'm willing to bet that I will be selling the Titan long before I give up motorcycle riding and perhaps I will think again about that Murano convertible I was looking at as it is time to trade in the Titan.

That is.... after I get the 4th Recall work done.

Poor Taste for little intrinsic value.
What you are saying is that motorcycle designers are better than your designers. Perhaps you should visit the Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki factories and steal a few ideas. You could even walk through a parking lot on any given day.

Though I did like the animated girl's butt. That was the best part of the animation.

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MuzzleMike's picture

WHAT !!!! THIS IS VERY BAD !! We bike riders are ran down bad inof !!!!!!!

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Darb1111's picture

This was a most inapropriate commercial. Nissan should have a class action law suit against them from every motorcycle rider where their products are sold. Very, very disappointing Nissan!! I would hope you pull this commercial and publicly appologize for the terrible display this commercial represents.

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Security Products Sales, Installation & Service
AZBiker's picture

Any ad showing a desire to run down and kill bikers, or any group for that matter, is about as stupid as can be. Your media people actually have degrees for this and get paid? The ad portrays bikers as "predators" or bad people, and then makes the comment that to run them down is just fine. Screw you people and your foreign cages.

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Paxchgo's picture

As a long time rider and member of both ABATE of Oklahoma and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, I am extremely offended by this commercial. Beyond the exceptionally poor taste of having a large 4 wheeled vehicle mangling motorcycles and killing the riders, is the portrayal of the "villains" as sport bike riders. I'm a cruiser rider myself, but I'm highly offended for the insult to my sport bike riding brothers.

We get run down enough by inattentive drivers. We don't need Nissan encouraging it.

I ask that you do not air this poorly conceived commercial.

Thank you.

Carol S. King
Secretary, ABATE of Tulsa, Inc.
Tulsa Chapter, ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc.
Member, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Inc.

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Steele's picture

Asinine. The "creator" of this disturbing video has obviously never ridden a motorcycle, or had a Brother, Sister or friend SLAUGHTERED by an idiot in a vehicle. Your video out rightly advocates it's "cool" or "acceptable" to run down a motorcyclist with your Nissan cars.

I will be forwarding this to our attorney and the motorcycle rights organizations I proudly represent.

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gzanini's picture

Disgusting ad. Neither cool or hip. Have a Murano now and like it, but will stay clear of any other Nissan vehicle, and certainly of the Juke! Gianni (a Ducati superbike and adventure-tourer rider)

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TRINA_ANGEL75's picture


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Krzylady's picture

As a long time motorcyclist and member of ABATE of Long Island NY I find this video in very poor taste and implore you to remove it as Nissan has. We as, a community, support motorcycle safety and awareness and this Video promoting running down motorcyclists is disturbing on so many levels. Shame on you for even including it. We as a biker community have already gotten Nissan to remove this ad and encourage you to remove it as well. Having it in any forum will not be tolerated !!

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Scooter Bug's picture

PLEASE REMOVE THIS DESPICABLE VIDEO! What kind sick people are you, Nissan? Why would you encourage killing people with YOUR car. I am a motorcyclist, street and trail, and I am totally offended by this sickening video. I ride for causes, the American Legion and for the sheer enjoyment of the wind on my face. Not only do I have to worry about someone not paying attention to their surroundings and being aware of the motorcycle that I am riding, I have to watch for fools out there that take your commercial seriously and try to run over me on purpose!
SHAME ON YOU NISSAN! What were you thinking when you (Nissan) approved this sorry excuse for a commercial?
I am in the market for a new car. I can promise you that it WILL NOT be a Nissan.
I have passed this on to my America Legion Rider friends and posted this with several Bike shops. We will BOYCOTT NISSAN OVER THIS COMMERCIAL!

Scooter Bug
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dan81359's picture

Although your video is quite creative, the message which it seems to be implying is that it is just fine to use innocent motorcyclists for road kill. Granted, video games seem to give similar concepts, but coming from an auto manufacturer, the message carrys significantly more weight. Motor vehicles are not toys and should not be treated as such by any stretch of the imagonation, and sadly, the video that you present projects a cartoon-like view of knocking off the so-called predetor bikers. As we know, bikers share the roadways with all other vehicles on the roads and to characterize them as preditors, is simply irresponsible. So please remove this add so as not to encourage potentially deadly behavior.

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hogwild's picture

This is the most offensive thing I have ever seen, who was the dumbass that thought this crap up, NISSAN you and this ad suck.

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landshark2u's picture

When I saw this video and how it made me feel is unappropriate to post for public viewing. I am a biker and I've been riding for 32 years and now a widow due to someone in a vehicle killing the love of my life my husband. I WAS a proud Nissan owner I had sold my Altima less than a year ago and was shopping for a new one. Then I saw this video now my business will go to another Manufacturer I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER NISSIAN PRODUCT and I will encourage all of my friends do the same and pass this message on. You now the saying you tell 2 friends they tell 2 friends So on and So on. Nissan representatives you should be ashamed of yourself you know exactly whats going on and you feel being a large as you are you will win. Let me tell you something the biker family that you are going up against is larger than you realize. We follow the same rules that you will find all over this world, we follow the same guide lines: Loyalty, Respect, Honor, we have jobs, homes and loving family and friends some we may never meet in person but the bond is there the love of the open road, and when we lose a loved one caring hands reach out so why don't you show that side of riders in a video. Us motorcycle riders are no different than anyone else, except that we wear our Pride, Loyalty, Respect Honor on our sleeves.

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stevec1956's picture

I know that two wrongs don't make a right, but maybe just to make a point, it would be a great idea to have a motorcycle manufacturer advertise the maneuvering capabilities of it's new model by having it swerve to avoid being hit by the new Nissan, followed by several well placed rounds fired into the Nissan, and then followed by an explosion. I'm sure that would get all the video game buffs out there as excited as they are with this one.

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AzJake's picture

So now Nissan has declaired me a predator and is promoting that car drivers attempt to kill me..... nice.
I've already lost friends because car drivers tend to have a hard time seeing us. Then you have the texting generation that gets behind the whell and fails to see most everything. And now Nissan comes along and pretty much gives the public the thumbs up to go out, hunt us down and run us over.
The upside is you have just given me another reason to continue to buy AMERICAN.... I ride a Harley and I drive a Jeep. I will never own a Nissan product and do my best to make sure none of my family or friends do either. I will make sure that everyone I know is made aware that Nissan is now anti-biker. Stick that up your tailpipe!!

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