Set Your Pictures Free

April 2012


Spec commercial.

Director: Emil Kahr
Production: Moo Studios
DP: Yusuke Sato
Sound: Mark Sayfritz
Editor: Brenden Mendez
Performer: Emilie Livingston
Art Director: Jon Goldtsche
Voice: Michael Griffiths
Post: RK vfx
Costume: Natasha Kutrovacz
Makeup: Ren Bray

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cognitive's picture

The part where the narrator says "who is she and where is she going next...the picture will never tell" This part is way too wordy and kind of insults the viewers intelligence. You can see the point coming from a mile away... especially with the cables etc. In addition, the point being made is not very relevant. It introduces a video DSLR as if it were the first with this capability. Photographers are very aware of the difference between photo and video.

It is also bit misleading. The settings and technique used to take a still are much different than to take a video in the same situation. The photographer would never catch the same "moment in time" if they were intending on shooting a video vs shooting for stills. Entirely different settings, preparation, equipment and requirements. Sure, you can do both, but you have to sacrifice something somewhere.

Activity Score 181
Producer/Director at Austin, Texas |

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