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January 2009


The AW77 Loopwheeler is the fruit of work of Nike Sportswear with the Loopwheeler signature. In the looms of the Japanese company, only eight hoodies are hand crafted per day making of each garment an exclusive product, available only at select boutiques and Nike stores.

Film advertisement created by BBDO, Argentina for Nike, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Argentina, Sartoria Comunicazione
Executive Creative Directors: Rodrigo Grau, Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen
Art director: Bruno Acanfora
Copywriter: Ariel Abramovici
Photographers: Lucila Blumencweig, Maureen Hufnagel
Interactive Creative Director: Fernando Barbella
Interactive Art director: Ricardo Ovelar
Interactive copywriter: Diego Levi
Account director: Alejandro Gowland
Account executive: Nico Ibañez
Integrated Communications Director: Nicolas Pimentel
Head of Production: Luli Dragan
Production (Europe): Lucila Kramer
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Hate seeing ads with Marco Materazzi.

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great idea and concept...

you really got what it means to put the hoodie on!

like it...

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it means that i´m cold, nothing more!

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Art Director at homeshop
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I do really like this concept, its very good, and the idea its good also. Everyone who puts the hoodie on knows what it feels. Nice work

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How to NIKE a client with a new "concept" ad (only a french will understand what i mean ;)....

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I like the copy. Reminds me of those ads that try to touch your emotional side and make you concerned about poverty, pollution, inequality and other things. You know, the type that goes "Did you know?" "There hundreds of people dying from AIDS every second" "Tick" "Tack"

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i agree. its lame...just like most things nike does, just take the player/celebrity and implement the concept on him...nothing special...

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well, it is a bit ambiguous. hoodies have pretty bad connotations, this ad is trying to justify something. It seems to be appropriate for them tho

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Chief Creative Officer at HellYeah!
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It's fairly respectable that they've attempted to change peoples attitudes towards people wearing hoodies, and the negative connotations that go with the garment, especially in the UK (I know the ultimate gain is just to sell more).

The result is way too arty for me, some celebrity "athletes" took pictures of themselves. Great. and?

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Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


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looks like a lomo ad to me...

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