July 2017


"Homage To love” aims to change the misconception that autistic people are incapable of competing or developing their skills. However, its main purpose is to show appreciation and respect to the families of autistic children. In my research, I was always touched by the parent’s patience and the unconditional love that they give to their children, even when they know the limitations of the condition and that the kids don’t always apprehend their efforts.That is why the protagonist in the film is this unconditional love that empowered the parent to keep giving care and attention, despite all the circumstances, and helped the children to accept themselves and do their best to succeed.

Film advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for National Autistic Society, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Jerrod New
Art Director / Copywriter: Mariam Elias
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