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September 2008

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Composers: Hans Brouwer / E.J. Grob

Film advertisement created by 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands for MTV, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Sean Thompson
Art Director: Chris Landy
Copywriter: Peter Albores
Agency Producer: Joe Togneri
Account Director: Kyle Marquis
Business Affairs: Neeza Adenan
Production Company: Yellow House
Director: Thomas Mailaender
DOP: Blaise Basdevant
Executive Producers: Magalie Dauleu, Charles Petit
Editorial Company: Yellow House
Editor: Gregory Lefevre
Post Production Company: Glassworks Amsterdam
Colourist: Steve Miller
Producer: Charlotte Williams
Sound Recording Studio: Kaiser Sound
Sound Mixer: Laurence Horne
Music Company: Massive Music
Publishers: Massive Music
Producers: Joep Beving / Cris Kos
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john doe's picture

like it.

john doe
Activity Score 1571
Art Director
Kateter's picture

if I saw this on telly it would bore me to switch to another channel waaaaaaaaay before the message comes across.

Activity Score 2029
john doe's picture

like it.

john doe
Activity Score 1571
Art Director
xhp's picture

haha okey who wants to switch now ? :D

Activity Score 543
Computer graphic designer |

iRIO's picture

ok it's much much better
PS. PS 2 is 4 sale.)

Activity Score 224
elitistjerk's picture

In a way it's a good ad- it's so MTV of them, switch, get out of the house, lady with big boobs will prolly shag you once and dump you, you're back to playing on your console, cycle of life, yadda yadda. That and there's no actual reference to the channel during the ad, only in the end.

But if it's another one of those ads that MTV absolutely loves to repeat over and over again they can stuff it where the sun doesn't shine. I still suffer from trauma from the video awards 5 or 6 years ago when they played Motorola ads and I ended up with a fobia of 'Hello Moto'.

Activity Score 54
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