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Great production.

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Solid production eventhough I say I have seen better.

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reminds me of the recent Cannes winner.

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This advertisement was absolutely incredible. It was extremely creative showing so much detail with every food displayed. I loved all of the different colors, shapes and textures that were used throughout the whole video. I felt like I could almost taste each individual food group. It made me a little hungry watching how the food was the prepared so perfectly. I especially loved the part with the fresh, toasted bread being torn apart with the olive oil and vinegar being drizzled all over it. I am Italian, so anything with bread captures my attention and I immediately crave it. This commercial had me look up what M&S was because I was not familiar with it originally. Since I did not know what it was right away, I was a little confused on what the commercial was about or what they were trying to tell me. What I came up with on my own was how I wanted to go out and get fresh food and cook healthy, delicious meals. It really did attract my attention and I wanted to watch it again right when it finished. I loved the music choice too and thought it coordinated perfectly with the up-beat theme. Spreading advertising through media, especially having it on this website is super smart because anyone around the world can access it and watch it. This advertisement was one of my favorites that I have seen so far with discovering this website last week. It was very creative and I hope to see more like this.

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Appetite-whetting for sure.

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