Scotland's Best Kept Secret

November 2020


This charming story follows a little detective who is on a mission to crack a case in her town. Her desire is to finally meet and prove a local myth; a monster that delivers fresh food to people’s doorsteps.

‘Scotland’s best-kept secret’ for ‘Monsterbox’ was created during the middle of the UK and Canadian lockdowns. It promotes a new food delivery company that enables the Scottish people to have fresh food delivered to their doorstep instead of potentially putting themselves at risk during a pandemic.

Production Company: Day 21
Director: Edward Andrews
Executive Producer, VFX Supervisor: Christopher Jaques
Producers: Roman Hul, Edward Andrews
Writer: Edward Andrews
Cinematographers: Jordan Kennington, Gavin White
Creative Consultant: Jonathan Guy
Production Designer: Rudin Causi
Wardrobe: Caprice Conners
Make Up + Hair Syling: Cristina Rubiales, Tess Jobin
Onset Sound: Jadon J.B. Williams
Casting: Shasta Lutz / Jigsaw Casting
VO Casting: Kirsty Bell / Real People
Editor: Alison Gordon / Outsider Editorial
Editorial Producer: Kayan Choi
Editorial Assistant: Cam Anderson
Colourist: Wade Odlum / Alter Ego
VFX Company: Brave VFX
VFX Team: Taran Fiddler, Nicolò Piccinini, Souvik Mitra, Gabor Kiss, Fah Anuntasomboon, Roberto Sollazzo, Hana Hirosaka, Francesca Piergiovanni
Music: Grayson Music
Composers: Jeff Milutinovic, Igor Correia
Sound Studio: Factory Studio UK
Sound Design & Mix: Jon Clarke, Josh Campbell
Audio Producer: Lou Allen
VO Recording Studio: Graeme MacKenzie / Pacific Audio Post
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