Dear mom and dad

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November 2017

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Do you believe there is hope for the future? The world can be beautiful and open, if we want it. These children from around the world came together and discovered they are more alike than they ever imagined. In the film Dear mom and dad, we document what happens when 48 children from 12 different countries meet at a CISV camp funded by Momondo and run by CISV. We asked the children to write to their parents how they see the world in the beginning and the end of the camp. We are proud and honored to have been able to document the beautiful feelings and thoughts shared by the children. They don't come from the same culture, speak the same language or wear the same clothes, but none of that matters: jokes are shared, hearts are opened and friendships across borders are made. Momondo supports CISV International, a global non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring action for peace. By educating the next generation, and through building intercultural friendships based on cooperation and understanding, CISV aims to help children and youth to develop the skills they need to become informed, responsible and active global citizens, able to make a positive difference in their communities and the world. Our collaboration with CISV and the Dear mom and dad campaign are part of Let’s Open Our World; an invitation to cross boundaries, embrace our differences and open our world. Find out more about Let's Open Our World, our collaboration with CISV, and download free school kits at

Film advertisement created by &Co, Denmark for Momondo, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: &Co., Copenhagen, Denmark
Director: Mads Hemmingsen
Producers: Allan Stenild, Anders Toustrup Darre
DoP: Nicholas Bluff
Editor: Mikkel Stenild
Colourist: Nurali Kushkov, Cameo
Music / Sound Design: Dennis Lee
Production Company: &Co. Productions
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