Please Don't Buy Mixwell

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November 2021


Los Angeles-based premium beverage brand Mixwell and The Many teamed up for the brand’s first official campaign, “Please Don’t Buy Mixwell.” The integrated campaign establishes Mixwell as a brand known for its company values and encourages those who don’t mix well to leave the product on the shelf because “Mixwell is a mixer for those who mix well, and not for those who don’t.”

The integrated campaign extends across OOH and social media, including a brand film and a 1:30 original animated film, and is strategically timed for the upcoming holiday season—the most considerable time for beverage sales and a time when families and friends are getting together and mixing well.

“Freedom” is the first brand spot to date and features a “manly man” pondering what happened to men with a surprising twist at the end. The spot was directed by Trevor Paperny, executive producer at Plus Plus, the sister production company of The Many. The Many partnered with the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) to determine the location for the spot. As a token of Mixwell’s appreciation, a donation will be made to the IGRA.

Film advertisement created by The Many, United States for Mixwell, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

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