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October 2014


Film advertisement created by TBWA, Canada for Missing Children's Network, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TAM-TAM\TBWA, Montréal, Canada
Art Director: Annie Vincent
Copywriter: Josianne Dauteuil
Creative Director: Etienne Bastien
Strategic planning: François Canuel
Advisory service: Mélanie Beaudoin, Vicky Harwood
Agency Producer: Mélanie Duguay
Production: Vision Globale, Steven Mercier, Étienne Thériault
Illustrations: Louis Hébert
Music: Apollo, Martin Pelland
Sound: Lamajeure
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Dzsoi's picture

These drawings are usually made of criminals because eye-witnesses can't take a photo of them just tell drawers how they look like.
Soooo why are there drawings of a missing child? Don't really get it.

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damnson's picture

Yeah, I mean it would work better if this would be about young criminals or such, but this way it's a bit off. I like it BTW.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Police sketch artist job description : aiding law enforcement by using a witnesses description to create a likeness of a suspect or "missing person". They specialize in facial reconstruction and "age progression".

- Read a book.

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Creative Director
Dzsoi's picture

You will tell everyone to "read a book" who is not a 'police sketch artist' expert? Sorry man, advertising doesn't work like that. You have to rely on very well known information only.

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