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March 2010


Film advertisement created by BBDO, United States for Milky Way, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: BBDO NY, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Directors: Scott Kaplan, Tom Kraemer
ACD / Copywriter: Mike Sweeney
ACD / Art Director: Molly Sheehan
Agency Producer: Theresa Ward
Director: Simon Cole
Production Company: HSI
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street
Editor: Lawrence Young
Visual Effects: a52
VFX Supervisor: Andy McKenna
Sound Design: Soundlounge
Sound Designer: Tom Jucarone
Color Correction: CO3
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gmint7's picture

last minute idea

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Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


Phil Lestino's picture

Well I didn't need to see that twice thank you!

Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684
razorsharp creative's picture

On the one hand it makes me aware of the product and it's "caramelness", but on the other hand it gives me a visual of dudes swimming in caramel that makes me not want to eat it. ( that a swimming cap in my candy bar?)

razorsharp creative
Activity Score 186

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

R U serious's picture

A Japanese grown man in a speedo on a caramel pool?

I'll need therapy after this... disturbing... my name, read my name...

R U serious
Activity Score 418

Say my name, say my name...

gmint7's picture

last minute idea

Activity Score 2675
Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


V's picture


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Marketing Manager
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Creative Director at Huella Publicidad
zerocool's picture

one time laugh commercial. Can see this annoying me by the 3rd time watching.

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Ed Rapport's picture

unsure of the need to execute swimmers in a pool full of caramel?.. unexpected, yes. Did I personally enjoy this ad? Not really..

Ed Rapport
Activity Score 724
Copywriter at Bookshop Ads - Advertising Portfolio Workshop - Copywriting
Elmārs Ārnieks's picture

i kind a like these type of ads. no idea however its funny and easy to get.

Elmārs Ārnieks
Activity Score 840
home study |

Life is a joke. Laugh.

AssassinX's picture

Just made me laughing........ :)

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Guest's picture

Are you crazy? How unappetizing to eat a candy bar with the visual in my mind of male bodies, private parts, in my food!! Ewww, can't get that picture out of my mind and won't try the candy because of it!! Nasty, not clean!!

Guest's picture

My 1st thought was of the wildlife in the Gulf Of Mexico getting covered in oil. Didn't even think about junk in the trunk...a yukky thought also.
Very poor taste in my opinion.

Guest's picture

who is the asian boy in the commercial? I would like to taste some of that!