Mirror Mirror - Siri vs. Cortana

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September 2014


Film advertisement created by M:United, United States for Microsoft, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: M:United
Global Executive Creative Directors: Andy Azula, Con Williamson
Creative Director: Mike Lear
Copywriter: Cedric Giese
Art Director: Ron Villacarillo
Director of Creative Technology: David Cliff
TV Producers: Mel Senecal, Emilie Talermo
Strategy Team: Kevin Nelson, Michelle Kiely, Jeremy Davis, Lauren Curtis
Account Team: John Dunleavy, Darla Price, Melissa Trought, Reena Factor, Liam Mulcahy
Video Production: No6
Media Agency: EMT
VFX: Method
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@minas_mars's picture

Your had has to be great if it's going to attack your competitor, this isn't. I never use siri (I think it's lazy) so I will never need an HTC. Also I have never seen anyone sit their phone down like that so I will never need an HTC.

Activity Score 1814
Art Director at TBWA |

I'm gonna try say something positive

zouz08's picture

totally agree

Activity Score 209
Art Director at IRAM Mons (Belgique |

come on, check our website:

Hunkosaurus Rex's picture

Of course you agree, you are in love with Apple. It was not a great ad, but it was a well done ad that got its message across clearly.

Hunkosaurus Rex
Activity Score 11
Graphic Designer at Legal
damnson's picture


Activity Score 11517
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Hunkosaurus Rex's picture

No, the ad has to be clear as to what the message is, be it great or poorly executed, and if the message is clear, the ad is great. The message in this ad is clear and it would shift the buying options for more people who see this add since HTC is bigger, cleaner and more current.

Hunkosaurus Rex
Activity Score 11
Graphic Designer at Legal
Elias Sami D's picture

Bad ad, what was HTC thinking?! Using Siri! These brands just make apple stronger!

Elias Sami D
Jaytesh's picture

Last time I checked, Siri was not that bad =\

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Other at TI Cycles, Murugappa Group |

Today's world runs on the bread and butter of a copywriter, "Short is sweet".

Hunkosaurus Rex's picture

You miss the point. This add makes Apple look weak which is well, accurate right now.

Hunkosaurus Rex
Activity Score 11
Graphic Designer at Legal
Spoonfeederxxx11's picture

The saying is "remove the bad apple" not, "remove the bad HTC"...

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OFiroz's picture

almost all Designers are using Apple, so this will be very hard pill to swallow!

Activity Score 53
Creative Director at Creative Director / UAE
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