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September 2013


Film advertisement created by BBDO, United States for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO / PROXIMITY, France
Executive Creative Director: Matthieu Elkaim
Creative Direction: Eric Pierre
Web Creative Director: Audrey Tamic
Art Directors: Matthieu Berthault, Rémi Jamin
President, Proximity: Olivier Rippe
Vice-President, CLM BBDO: Marie-Pierre Benitah
Director of Strategic Planning: Loic Mercier
Account Director: David Piperaud
Account Executives: Rodolphe Poprawa, Mathieu Archambault
Group Account Director: Cédric Rittié
Head of advertising: Louise Rahman
Director: Wilfried Brimo
Production Company: WANDA
Producer: Jérome Denis
Post Producer: Mikros
Tv Producer Agency: Jacques Fouché
Directors of digital movies: Les Cokau
Production of digital movies: Gang Digital
Producer of digital movies: Adrien Kamir
Sound production: The
PR: Lauren Weber, Virginie Gorse
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Mongoose's picture

Looks ferocious!

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Art Director at Lime Lite Studio |

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

stickynotes's picture

love it

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CrackerJackFlash's picture

hot damn

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Creative Director at CrackerJackFlash |


peshawa.sofi's picture

love it, its powerful and passionate.

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Other at Asiacell
Macster's picture

You can just hear the creatives go "Yeah! and then we will have an american football team and guy doing backspin on the roof and then another guy on a skateboard and then fire and its´gonna be epic man!"
I say, nice production but please... For me it´s "Badvertising". Sorry.

Activity Score 28
Creative Director at Grey stockholm
eins-eins-null's picture

they never manage to cross the line from solid work to "hell yeah!!!!". perhaps because they're trying desperately to be young and cool. i mean - skateboard and breakdance? come on! it's a case-film for "forced". this is NOT mercedes-benz, even if they paid it.

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alexanderchw's picture

Great idea, but there is other ways to demonstrate it, most if you realize the target of Mercedes Benz.

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ahrimanpob's picture

Love the idea and the production value, but I agree with the statement saying its not very Mercedes. It would work great for another car.

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Creative Director at Ideómanos Publicidad
kleenex's picture

I loved the concept.

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Web Designer/Developer
danielchapman's picture

To everyone saying its not mercedes, and its badvertising etc... I think you need to consider things a bit deeper.

It's clear that the brand strategy of this ad is geared towards catching the attention of 30-somethings. It is a very emerging market that luxury brands are speaking directly to more aggressively. Take for instance Audi's superbowl campaign a couple years ago. Luxury prison. Hilarious.

It's a beautifully executed ad. It is most definitely aimed at a specific target. If you want to discuss the merit of Mercedes being divergent from their traditional brand positioning, then that's a whole different conversation that is irrelevant to this ad specifically.

Personally, I like 'style-piece' ads when theyre short and beautiful. I think they grab attention and when properly crafted appeal to specific demographics effectively. Given the choice though, I am partial to more cerebral entertainment approaches like Audi, in lieu of aesthetic beauty. Nonetheless it's a case by case scenario as always, and I think Mercedes playing the old luxury card like Audi did would be damaging to themselves, so the simplicity and lack of outright messaging is perfect.

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JMD's picture

truly awesome one . will get good mileage

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Administrative |

Creative Ad Agency From India

nunczak's picture

Sooo... it's a nice car, but the idea is a bit Skoda'ish, you know the one that was made in 2007 of lovely stuff by Fallon?

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Creative Director
peggylize's picture

I just love it! It works great with me. It really does.

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