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July 2008


Advertising Agency :TBWA\YEHOSHUA Israel

Film advertisement created by TBWA, Israel for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

CCO: Itai Herman
Creative Director: Edo Kariv
Art Director: Ziv Almog
Copywriter: Eliad Friedman
Accounts Supervisor: Erez Barkatz
Accounts Account Manager: Einat Dzigan
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sonucoues2002's picture

where is the video
its not working ivan

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ivan's picture

Is YouTube blocked for you?

Creative Director at Ads of the World
miko1aj's picture

Oh my. This is… this is… Oh my.

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Crisp One's picture

yea...i second that

soooo is this a recruitment video to show that cool people work at McDonald's too, or just a lame commercial?

Crisp One
Activity Score 2005
Other at New York
Satria280471's picture

I... er... So, even the US (a free country), is still practicing this kind of 'kidnapping'. And... the secret service is sooo STUPID that they don't call the manager, instead they drag the employee from their free time.

I dunno, it is funny, but... I dunno...

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Lecturer/ teacher in multimedia |

Idea is fragile

Senhora Kolossa's picture

WTF! this is as bad as when the cow comes home and the donkey says.....aah, whatever.
this is bad.

Senhora Kolossa
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Jung von Matt
rhs's picture

What is that monkey doing inside the limo?

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Copywriter at Fuego
consolidated.db's picture

it's amateur hour in israel.

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Copywriter at Ad Land
adcook's picture

Bad, bad, bad.. 100% beef, 100% cheapandnastycheese

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Frits Harkema's picture

Who is this old man in the car? He looks like someone I know.

Frits Harkema
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fen1x's picture

OH YEAH ad suggesting that if you are president(or have power and money) everyone should jumping around you.

Maybe its to much critic in my words but I don't like it!

Activity Score 471
Graphic Designer at Multimedia Designer (graphic, www)
Chris's picture

thats the cheesiest thing ive seen in a while, they should have made it an ad for the triple cheeseburger. the line something like "seriously cheesy"

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Art Director's picture

I love trash.
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copywriter / d'adda, lorenzini, vigorelli, bbdo / italy
shrrr's picture

that sucks!!!

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creative/copywriter ; BBDO Cairo
theartiz's picture

You don't mess with the Z---- B****!

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Art Director
seda's picture

malo malo malo...

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Art Director
Carlos Duty's picture

Mcdonald's: "Secret service" or "How to suck the USA's dicks"

shame on you guys.

Carlos Duty
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HowardRoark's picture

hey, the ad suuuucks big time.....but at least the chicks are SO hot hahahaha

Senhora Kolossa's picture

this is like when the cow comes home, but it's not a cow. it's already meat and transformed into a burger. yummy!
anyway, stop posting videos like that. they make me wanne puchel myself.

Senhora Kolossa
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Jung von Matt
Puly13795's picture

This has to be one of the worst ads I've seen in a long time. For one, know your audience. Bush has virtually no support left. Not even in his own country. Terrible choice for McDonald's to use that twit to sell hamburgers.

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wickedcheese's picture

OH MAN. this is bloody rubbish. I might never enjoy a macdonald's meal ever again.

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Graphic Designer at Plum Ideas
Dusan Zica's picture

this sucks.

Dusan Zica
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kant's picture

Oh, no, please, Ivan, please no more this!!

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stitchy's picture

stupid ad

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creative design
Guest's picture

I think Israel should apologize to the Americans for this ad. Not just because the ad is LAME beyond belief, but because its a HUGE insult!

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