Pay with lovin'

January 2015


Production, Editoral & Post Production Company: Radar Studios

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle
Executive Creative Director: John Hansa
Creative Director: Tony Katalinic
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jill Fix
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Gloria Dusenberry
Digital Creative Director: Nuno Ferreira
Head of Production: Vincent Geraghty
Executive Producer: Denis Giroux
Senior Producer: Bridget Rose
Producer: Ross Greenblat
Business Manager: Shirley Costa
Senior Talent Manager: Linda Yuen
Music Supervisor: Chris Clark
Managing Account Director: Jennifer Cacioppo
Account Directors: Josh Raper, Jennifer Klopf
Account Supervisor: Meredith Metzl
Account Executive: Krystle Wahnschaffe
Account Manager: Sue Rickey
Planning Directors: Sarah Patterson, Howard Laubscher, Claudia Steer
Legal: Carla Michelotti
Clearance: Thomas Clark
Director: Sam Macon
Head of Production: Eve Cross
Line Producer: Jonah Mueller
Editor: Mark P Smith
Executive Producer: Graham Gangi
VFX Artist: Grant Cheney, Brian Willard
Audio Mix: John Binder / Another Country
Colorist: Fred Keller / Filmworkers
Managing Creative Director: Jim Carlton
Creative Director: Susan Graan
Creative Director / Copywriter: Josh Lebowitz
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Kevin Frank
Art Director: Cristina Hernandez
Copywriter: Jack Dess
Executive Design Director: Alisa Wolfson
Design Director: Brian Loehr
Senior Producer: Janet Cohen
Producer: Melinda West
Marketing Operations Director: Amanda McKinney
Account Directors: Lisa Lally, Amber Stanze
Account Supervisor: Suzanne Aguilar
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Dzsoi's picture

Rock paper scissors was very cool on Children's Day.

But this one is just wrong. Call you mom to tell that you love her? For food? Come on... have some taste.

Agencies increasingly pick the easy route and buy customers to show some love and they put it up to YouTube with a heartbreaking music. So boring and so fake.

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kleenex's picture

I fully agree.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
damnson's picture


Activity Score 11517
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Liviu's picture

it is not clear for me: if they select an orphan and tell him: "call your mother and tell that you love"... isn't just awkward?

Activity Score 4405
simonreviews's picture

A little bit too forced...calling your mother for food. They wanted to make it sentimental but it didn't work for me.

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shmoobuster311's picture

The phone call's a stretch, but I think we're nitpicking on that stuff, you can come with with a 1000 what ifs to shat on an idea. The point being that a loving moment is worth more than money and that there's care in the product. Now, it's bs bc McDonald's workers don't all feel this way, but the brand's nailed the idea. Look at all the conversations and reposts of it, the ad works.

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