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April 2015


Film advertisement created by Cossette, United States for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Chicago, USA
Executive Creative Director: Chuck Rachford
Art Director: Stacy Randolph
Copywriter: Casey Stern
Animation Company: Buck
Editor: Aaron Kiser
Agency Producer: Cary Potterfield
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it is all about the animation here.

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This McDonalds advertisement reminds me very much of the Chipotle campaign done a couple of years ago (about how wholesome their food is). It is interesting because even the actual artistic aspects of this advertisement are very similar. I feel like McDonalds has been striving to look more healthy and you can see that with this commercial/advertisement starting out with the image of a blueberry (a fruit). I honestly do not think that McDonalds can ever be considered healthy even if they do bring out advertisements such as this one—that make the claim of how wholesome a McDonalds breakfast can be. I do not eat at McDonalds for an array of reasons and I feel that this commercial is trying very hard to advertise for the new image of McDonalds. I think the individual who eats from McDonalds knows that they are not consuming anything remotely healthy. I do think the advertisement was well executed and some people may believe the new claims that this corporation is making.

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It's ok

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Just like what was said in the comment above, I really do think McDonalds is playing on the heartstrings, like Chipotle did with their "Back to the Start" campiagn. In Chipotle's ad, the simple idea that food is best when we use simple and sustainable methods to obtain it. At the same time, treating animals with care and in a responsible, ethical way promotes the "whole food" trend, where people admire brands that take pride in the natural way of doing things. In relation to Chipotle, McDonald's imagery of family spreads their "Love" campaign. Food and family is where the heart is for most people, and this ad does a great job at highlighting that. Another main thing that I really enjoy about this ad is that the subject - a blueberry muffin, is something so simple, yet so recognizable to many. McDonald's is notorious for it's unhealthy foods, so I wonder how their ad campaigns in the future will turn out. I really hope to see McDonald's become the leader in advocacy for healthy eating.

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food shots are lovely

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it's OK to have an opinion

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Animation is ace.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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it is all about the animation here.

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come out with idea to changing mind set of people who thing that they only served fast food..but it doesn't i think it works..

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what s wrong with his voice

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