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October 2008


Film advertisement created by McCann, Canada for MasterCard, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada
Group Creative Director / Art Director: Robert Kingston
Group Creative Director / Writer: Wade Hesson
V.P. / Dir. of Broadcast Services: Franca Piacente
Producer: Angy Loftus
Group Account Director: Ryan Timms
Account Executive: Emily MacLaurin-King
Production Company: Suneeva, Toronto
Director: Laurence Thrush
Executive Producers: Geoff Cornish, Michi Lepik-Stahl
Producer: Gene Walker
Director of Photography: Gary Young
Editorial: Panic and Bob, Toronto
Editor: David Baxter
Visual Effects: Crush, Toronto
Lead Compositer: David Whiteson
Compositor: Pat Moore
Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook
Producer: Debbie Cooke
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kurtberengeiger's picture

Is the "compete" line really necessary? I mean by this point in time we all know the concept.
Despite that, I really like this advert.

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It's a nice piece of Canadiana, but I am really not a fan of the harsh rough cutting featured in this ad. When I see this ad, my mind focuses on the cuts and not on the story being told. I understand that the director is trying to build tension with these cuts, but for me they serve more as distraction than they do a dramatic device.

Also, the 1 minute running time fells awkwardly long for me, much like the aside pieces featured in Family Guy. Perhaps the awkwardly long silence is the directors intent, but for me a 30 would have been enough.

Guest commenter
Guest's picture

it,s supposed to feel awkward that was coaches point . Glen sather used it during a time out with the rangers

Kateter's picture

totally agree. one minute kills it.

30 secs is probably much stronger.

but great idea.

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Hermoso's picture

great art direction, nice script, amazing acting, perfect cast. this is one of those ads that makes you believe in advertising again.


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grand advtg
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The commercial begins with a succession of shots representing a team of hockey players sitted down in the dressing room before to restart the game during an interval in play waiting and looking tired concentrated and anxious .
We can look at the expressions that they have and the looks are surely of insatisfaccion.
During the ritual is obvious the game is not gooing good because anybody talks.

In a second moment the coach man appears in the dressing room observing the team always in silence and without giving any exhortations to try harder.

Immediately the camara replaces now the coach man's eye turning into subjective and shows the supers real price in dollars of the technical clothes like graves, skates, mouthguards, and pads.

The voice off and the silence give more attention during the whole short , it's amplyfied by the noises of the tact with the objects, some cough and a feeling as if something is going to happen increases.

From the frame where the expression of the coach turns in a smile and happy the commercial beguins to take sense: it means that something is going to change; it's like players are consious that if they explote by theirselves their capacity with their own power
than they could do it.

At the end after the sound of starting game bell, player retun to the game, the logo of mastercard appears with the claim or closing campaign with voice on and highlighting the brand reffered to the commercial : for everything you need to complete there is mastercard.
So if you have mastercard you have the clue to win the game that is the comercial sense.

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