Only Matters How You Drive

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October 2019


An advertising campaign was created for the first ever online insurance agency in Russia – Mafin. In video there are no ad cliches, it focuses on being honest: Mafin doesn’t care who their clients are in their everyday lives – heavy metal fans, robbers or kindest grandpas. The most important is who they are when they are driving.

Film advertisement created by Possible, Russia for Mafin, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Possible Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Cco: Vlad Sitnikov
Creative Director: Artem Filimonov
Head Of Strategy: Anna Topkova
Creative Team: Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Nicole Antonyan, Yuri Altufiev, Daria Rukoyatkina
Art Direction: Fedor Nozdrin, Igor Smirnov, Andrey Egorov-Orletinov
Motion Design: Andrey Geraskin, Tatiana Simonenko
Account Director: Anastasia Gorshkova
Account Manager: Angelina Vatlina
Producer: Liudmila Potapova
General Producer: Igor Sayfullin
Producer: Veronika Monogarova
Director: Evgeny Gozheyshy
Director Of Photography: Nikita Gorodnichenko
Art Director: Alexey Garikovich
Creative Director: Vladimir Lifanov
Designer: Evgenia Maksimova
Marketing Director: Victoria Alemanova
Head Of Marketing Communications: Ekaterina Usacheva
Creative Director: Artem Ionov
Composer: Aleksandr Butov
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