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totally engaging i love the concept and the direction

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groovy baby!

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Doesn't work for me.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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This Loctite commercial is very different. I am not exactly sure if it is different in a good way or a bad way. However, it is very recognizable. I will remember the product and possibly even think of the commercial when I see Loctite in the store. The choice of actors for this commercial was very specific—in my opinion. I say this because every single actor has a character about them that stands out. The lady with the unicorn broche is very full of character. I had to watch this advertisement twice just because there is so much going on. I think this kind of an advertisement could be watched multiple times without it getting old. I would not call this commercial my favorite or even close to it…yet it is very memorable. Lastly, what I do like about this commercial is how quirky it is. It is not your run of the mill advertisement; it is something to think about.

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totally engaging i love the concept and the direction

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groovy baby!

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Perfect casting, excellent humor! Well done!!!

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I like it!

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It was nice but a bit strange

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Hahahaha! This Ad is hilarious! Leave it up Adsoftheworld.com to have such a funny advertisement. I believe that this commercial was played during halftime of the Super Bowl this year. Since the Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events in America, advertising and marketing companies are always trying to get their message and content into halftime, And I think this commercial really fit the bill as far as commercials of the Super Bowl halftime go. I Really enjoyed all the elderly, strange and unique characters trying to dance as if they were youngsters. Another funny little comment was the one at the end of the bit, where the couple is sitting in the wooden chair, as the women sits on her husbands lap she says "Loctite glue saved our marriage." HA! As if super glue could ever do such a thing... oh the irony! Overall this was a great and hilarious ad by Loctite glue. I would rate this ad a 9/10.

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Bit of an abrupt ending but I'm quite a fan of this.

raw tuna
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I love fanny packs!

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