Little Ducky

February 2008


Co-President, Chief Creative Officer: Ty Montague
Executive Creative Director: Walt Connelly
Creative Director: Richie Glickman
Art Director: Vikas Bhalla
Copywriter: Tom Sebanc
Director of Production: Bill Finnegan
Producer: Holly Otto
Account Executives: Karyn Rockwell, Beth Miller, Marci Axelrad, Stephanie Reedy

Asst Editor: Jai Shukla

Composer: Dave Winer
Director of Photography: Joe DeSalvo
Line Producer: Jim Czarnecki

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Director: Rocky Morton
Production Company: MJZ
Exec. Prod: Jeff Scruton
Editor: Adam Schwartz
Editing House: Beast
Music / Sound Design: Stimmung
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klaussnow's picture

...and jwt came up with this? Its like Ikea sad lamp, just not as good, or funny, or poignant in the least bit.

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Art Director |

... its already been done...

wildbore's picture


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porkchop's picture

I don't understand the ad.

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ivan's picture

Ducky is sad, because baby doesn't need to bath after every nappy change.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
zhanghao's picture

ivan is right, i think. replay this ad, i can find many details to demonstrate it. i don't think the idea is same to ikea, just the role of the lovely ducky is same.
i like it!

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Art Director
LeeHarvey's picture

Without Ivan's explanation I would never get it (thx Ivan!). And now that I do, well, I don't give a Duck!

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Creative Director
everartz's picture

and the winner of the shittiest TV commercial this season is...

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Art Director |

| everartz |

ZaboZaboZabo's picture

Missed opportunity.

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Art Director
kurtberengeiger's picture

I like the idea. Unfortunately I don't think the execution gives it justice.

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troika02's picture

i had to watch it twice to get it, must be the fact that huggies is a diaper brand first and foremost. that blocked my brain to a certain wipes product (OH! it's a wipes ad!).

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Graphic Designer at Graphic Designer
Wordnerd's picture

It's a nice spot! But people will feel too sorry for the duck - and won't care for the product. IKEA thought of that at their ending.

This would be in fact a really good ad for baby-soap or shampoo

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teenie's picture

Good point. I kept thinking "poor ducky" and wished the mother would give the dang kid a bath already. And what's with the knowing evil look the kid gives the duck at the end? Yeesh.

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cherryblossom's picture

This spot may not be the most highly-creative, or potentially award-winning material; however, it's rooted in an untapped, consumer-relevant insight from moms (and caregivers): no need for tub-time if the wet wipes can get rid of dirties easily. I'm a mom, so it made sense to me.

*eat my shorts

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eat my shorts!

mpindy's picture

I have two young girls. My girls must have their ducks in the tub when we bath them so I got it right away and it appealed to me.

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Graphic Designer
Charlie Pratt's picture

The concept is fantastic, it just isn't executed as clearly as it needs to be. I love the idea of the ducky "missing" the child, I think that really taps into a great sort of reverse perspective (i.e. Pixar), but this is trying to say something else, to the product, and it gets a little lost. But great music!

Charlie Pratt
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Clint's picture

I have two boys so I know a thing or two about changing diapers ... and seriously did not get this at first.

Who in the world normally give their child a bath (in a tub with a duck) every time they change the diaper? Or every time the child has eaten? Or got paint or dirt on their fingers?

Come on this is just far fetched. You can't use wipes as a substitute for bathing, and the places where wipes do come in handy, there wouldn't normally be baths with ducks anyways. So the idea is just flawed.
The execution isn't too good either, but the whole spot just dies flat on it's ass from the idea not working.

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indohdks's picture

On TV the spot ends with the kid looking at the ducky and a vo saying "Till we meet again, little ducky"

That really helps the spots and makes it stronger.

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biabitch's picture

i liked it. felt very sorry for the duck though.

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jacaranda's picture

What???People don't get this? Are you guys challenged in some way? This is a great ad;awesome concept;fab work!!

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not applicable |

copywriter out!

ADCRITIC101's picture

How about the fact the kid in the first shot is NOT the same as the kid in the rest of the commercial...light brown hair, different face and chubbier...AND the hand shot looks like a different kid...could have used a baby with more energy and SOME type of expression it takes away from the commercial...i agree with teenie the kid looks evil not your All American Baby

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Umber Jamber's picture


Looks like the same kid throughout the spot to me.

Umber Jamber
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An agency somewhere
alohawendy's picture

I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!!! i laugh so hard every time i play it . i love the expression changes on the ducky. good music, no annoying dialogue, every frame captures emotion, good editing. hilarious.

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design studio
LeeHarvey's picture

Wow, are you on drugs?

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Creative Director
Umber Jamber's picture

Maybe if the mother was nude, you'd like it, huh?

Umber Jamber
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An agency somewhere
LeeHarvey's picture

Touché Umber Jamber! You got me with my pants down....

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Creative Director
jacaranda's picture

Aaaaaaaaah ducky!!!!! This is sooo cute; sis you ugly ppl out there, this is sooo sweet!!!

Advertising is not all tits and ass!!!!

Activity Score 88
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copywriter out!

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