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That's pretty crazy. Is that what Little Caesars going for?

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I was not laughing that much.

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primitive idea and plain execution had left no place for fun

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Stupid. Stupid.

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Wow, I've seen and heard of shock value. Then, there's this. What the heck? Better yet, why?!

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For an ad with 10 seconds of joke and 5 seconds of offer, I think it is pretty funny. I am becoming a fan of this agency. It feels like they have fun at work.

Meredith Singh
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OK, so this just aired on my TV and I will admit it made my head turn. I am using my computer and I hear "AAAAAGGGH!" Then I turn to see the guy reach into his pocket, pull out the money, and they caught me with their promotional offer.

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what the hell

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Terrible. What's the proposition? Who's the target? What is Little Caesars even selling?

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