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November 2019


Directed by Douglas Avery, the film features a young girl seen walking through a dark and menacing forest, throughout the film’s dark backdrop, she narrates her reality that for her “monsters” do exist. During her walk, she suddenly pauses when she discovers a golden crown shining brightly amongst the tree branches. As her backdrop fades away, it is revealed that she’s a young cancer patient inside a LifeBridge Health Hospital. The hospital nurse is then shown, bringing a warm, inviting and much needed comforting presence. She places a paper crown on the young girl’s head and they embrace each other. The film is the second ad in LifeBridge Health’s Care Bravely Movement campaign. Developed with StrawberryFrog, the inspiration behind the marketing campaign was to “activate and ignite its purpose” around a simple but powerful idea that would both resonate externally and motivate internally. This “Care Bravely” idea embodies the spirit of the people of LifeBridge Health.

Film advertisement created by strawberryfrog, United States for Lifebridge Health, within the categories: Health, Professional Services.

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