Ride4Water Social Video Campaign

June 2011


Levi's latest social media video project, Ride4Water, showcases the inspiring American spirit and perseverance of endurance athlete Katie Spotz and her goal of cycling across the entire country. Last Saturday, Katie and her biking partner Sam Williams set forth to bike 3000 miles in less than eight days — that’s 1.3 times as long as the Tour de France and in one-sixth the time. Their journey, with the help of Levi's, was to raise money for Blue Planet, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to those without.

In a series of live video updates following throughout her race, Levi’s captured Katie’s drive to overcome strenuous physical and mental challenges. She fractured her pelvis, forcing her to use a handcycle, and also dealt with a serious crash which landed her in the hospital.

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what does levi´s got to do with this?

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