November 2021


Prisoners: the first TV film by L'Enfant Bleu, signed and produced courtesy of Havas Sports & Entertainment, is conceived as a mini-thriller. With no dialogue, it focuses on the neighbor of a child abuse victim who has no idea of the drama that the latter lives through every day.

Despite having some suspicions, he hesitates to raise the alarm and ends up convincing himself that everything is fine. This is far from a fictional situation. Too often, a child could have been saved without the hesitation of a neighbor. These children are thus prisoners of their aggressor within the family sphere.

Film advertisement created by Havas Sports & Entertainment, France for L'Enfant Bleu, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Havas Sports & Entertainment, Paris, France
President: Stéphane Guerry
Associate Managing Director: Emeric Deminière
Creative Director: Fabrice Plazolles
Art Director: Quentin Clausse
Copywriter: Nil Niviere-Schouvaloff
PR & Influence: Audélia Leloup
TV Producer: Philippine Domenech
Production: Obvious
Producer: Maximilien Rivolet
Director: Dario Fau
Post-Production: Obvious
Sound Production: HRCLS
Head of Sound Production: Ivan Jovanovic
Sound Producer: Wilfried Jourdan
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