The light within

November 2016
Production Company:
Director: Oriol Puig / TRIZZ
Executive Producer: James Hagger
Production Coordinator: Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant: Rebecca Oxland-Isles
Production Assistant: Emma Perrin
Production Studio: TRIZZ
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Direction: Alex Martin, Oriol Puig
Original Idea / Script: Oriol Puig / Riot Team
Storyboard: Allan Rabello
Lighting and Rendering: Alex Martìn, Oriol Mayolos, Javier Esteban
Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
Shoot Drone Operator / 3D Scanning: Oriol Puig, Oriol Mayolas
3D Scanning - Processing: Oriol Mayolas, Ariadna Ollé
Head of Production: Albert Garcìa Vila
Producer: Lucy Garcìa
Additional Art Direction / Research: Laura Ibañez
Head of Animation: Hugo García
Animators: Hugo García, Ferran Casas
3D Assistant: Ariadna Ollé
Editing / Color Correction: Oriol Puig
Compositing: Oriol Puig
2D Retouch: Mikel Gomez
Effects: Deko, Alex Martin, Yigit Acik, Oriol Mayolas, Javier Esteban
Texture: Alex Martin, Oriol Mayolas, Alvaro Hucha, Juan Jose Palomo
Texture Photography: Oriol Mayolas
Modelling: Abner Marìn, Oriol Mayolas, Alvaro Hucha, Ariadna Ollé, Luis Gomez Guzman, Oscar Gonzalez, Albert Pintor
Rigging: Minimo VFX, Maurizio Giglioli, Felix Balbas
Cloth Animation: Alex Martìn, Hugo Garcìa, Joan Buhigas
Hair Modelling: Yoonjong Song, Andrew Krivulya
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