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January 2018


Film advertisement created by Civilization, China for Lay's, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Civilization, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Chris Shi
Art Director: Wan-Xian Zhao
Writers: Zoe Huang, Didi Xu
Client Executives: Amy Chen, Nathan Tan, Stella Yu, Weasson Ye, Qian Lin, Kiki Yang
Client Management: Amanda Dai, Aries Zhuang, Erica Tian
Planners: Roger Wang, Sofia Xiao
Director: Andrew Lok
Assistant Directors: Didi Xu, Jonas Yu
Cinematographer: Ke-Nan Qi
Producers: Alex Xie, Fisher Yu, Jason Jia, Chao Tong, Di Gao
Editors: Qi Shu, Yin-Jian Lu
SFX: Hua Xiao, Jonas Yu
Colourist: Ying-Jie Zhang
Music: Ricky Ho, Andrew Lok
Sound Design: Rennie Gomes, Xander Toh
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