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November 2014


Film advertisement created by The Brand Union, United States for Land Rover, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Brand Union, USA
Creative: Adam Lawrenson
Production Company: Hobo Films
Director: Tom Haines
Director of Photography: Steve Annis
Executive Producers: James Lees, Tom Haines
Line Producer: Connor Hollman
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Telecine Company: Absolute
Colourist: Matt Turner
Music Composer: Jean-Gabriel Becker
Sound Design Company: Pindrop
Sound Designer: Richard Lewis
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Hugo Paredes's picture

very good job, I really enjoyed how they made the add seem as a regular day, but mention many different persons and attitude, they picked a regular or standard situation that most people go through one way or another and they fitted to almost everybody it mentions different job titles or attitude description trying to connect with as many people as possible. The add itself is for Landover but it is also advertising the new discovery, I notice that was the only vehicle showed in the whole add, it doesn’t specifically talk about the car, it talks about the brand, the type of person that would drive or even would want to drive a land rover. The flow of the day how it walks you through a regular day the feeling it makes you feel along the way that gloomy morning that almost everybody has experienced, as the day goes by and people wake up the add wakes up too it get brighter and louder more exciting, then it relaxes just as the day star closing in, and at the end it shows the result of a productive but very good day, at Landover can produce, in this case I think it even connects to how everybody feels after a very productive day.

Hugo Paredes
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Hugo Paredes

aidan.ault's picture

I was glad to see a car commercial that finally puts an emphasis on the actual steps taken to ensure the "luxury" feel of the a car. From the basic jobs to the advanced, digital test driving - encompassing the design angle, the land rover personality, the physical and mechanical perspectives and of course showing off the look of the car, from the inside to the outside. The entirety of the ad is a way to add value to each piece and part of the car, every key feature is shown in video - every human centered interaction within the design and manufacturing process is noted and praised to give the impression that what the Land Rover brand does is different from any other company.

Do I think the ad is successful in creating an association in the audiences mind between Land Rover and a refined, premium product? Yes. The brand shows you the car, from start to finish like an artisan piece with many hands on it during its creation. There is of course a robotic arm and factory shown, to reinforce the knowledge that these cars are built using high tech equipment - it is however the movement of hands on the car's surface, the holding of the steering wheel, the leaning over drawings to better see the design that are really perceived, leading us to see the product not only as an object or a piece of property, but as a piece of art with an entire creative process behind it and a result of the labour of a host of top-professionals.

In any case, it certainly beats a sillouhette of the Land Rover cutting through midnight streets or doing backflips with hamsters listening to dubstep.

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Temple's picture

The realistic direction style makes the day at Landrover look like a day in Mordor's pits.

This is a complete miss.

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@minas_mars's picture

I loved the rhythm of the script but thought the voiceover was very poor. It sounded like a drunk after an hours sleep.
The visual elements matched up nicely but overall not a great short story.

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I'm gonna try say something positive

kleenex's picture

I liked it. Was different.

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