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March 2020
Krungsri Consumer: Based on REALiTY
Krungsri Consumer Film Ad - Based on REALiTY


Krungsri Consumer is the number 1 credit card company in Thailand. However, majority of people including Krungsri consumer’s employees often confused the company’s image and identity between Krungsri consumer and Bank of Ayutthaya. This ambiguity of company’s image and identity has created strong effect on all employees. As when the identity is not clear, it is very difficult to achieve company’s goals and drive results.

We brought the real stories from employees’ working experiences into life. We portrayed the company’s value and identity through these stories occurring every day at work. From the stories, all employees will be able to reflect the company’s core value and identity that they all shared.

Film advertisement created by Workkit, Thailand for Krungsri Consumer, within the category: Finance.

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