October 2017


KOIO’s “Starstruck” showcases the talents of three distinct New York artists in a triptych avant-garde performance among the stars. Introduced during their everyday commute, the audience is taken on a journey high above the skyscrapers. The city is quite literally turned upside down as the artists push the boundaries of their universe to define their place within it.

Production Company: Coastal
Post Production Company: Blue Rock, Company3
Visual Effects Company: Scarlett, Spontaneous
Music/Sound Company: Plush NYC, Heard City
Director: Tyler Greco
Producer: Liz Victorine
Cinematographer: Joe Victorine
Sound Designers: Eddie Cooper, Mike Vitacco
Composer: Eddie Cooper
Editor: Olivier Wicki
Colorist: Kath Raisch
Executive Creative Director: Darryl Mascarenhas
Creative Director: Lawrence Nimrichter
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