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January 2010

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Film advertisement created by DDB, Canada for Knorr, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Associate Creative Directors: Paul Wallace
Art Directors: Paul Wallace, Jorgen Stovne
Copywriters: David Ross, Ryan Hamacher
Agency Producers: Andrew Schulze, Marie-Pierre Toure
Account Services: Wendy Caricari, Jaqui Faclier, Rachel Selwood, Tamara Gervais, Emily Ward
Director: David Hicks
Production Company: Sons and Daughters
Executive Producer: Dan Ford
Line Producer: Rob Allan
Director of Photography: Adam Marsden
Character Design: Bigshot Toyworks
Editorial: Pete McAuley, AXYZ, Toronto
Visual Effects: AXYZ, Toronto
VXF Producer: Irene Payne
Compositor: James Andrews
Animators: Dennis Turner, Mario Marengo
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda, Notch, Toronto
Music & Sound Design: Paul Seeley
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ivan's picture

The original Knorr Salty character video:

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Jay121's picture

haha, that's funny

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mikeelrapido's picture

a little too long, but nice idea..

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Amazing production

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jamesrothenburg's picture

Love these new spots!

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I like!

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cheshirecat's picture

It was a brilliant concept the first time I saw it: for Ikea, directed by Spike Jonze. Same use of pathetic fallacy with an inanimate object and rain, same storyline. (I'm referring to the first spot in this series.) What's original here?

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bubblestheclownfish's picture

What does it have to do with Knorr having 25% less sodium? NEXT TO NOTHING! The first ad was a stretch, but this one is terrible. Unbelievable CG work, great character work, nice "feel", but NOTHING to do with the brand or the new product line. Just arguing that salt (sodium) is no longer wanted is such a weak argument for a weak concept. What are the benefits for the brand? Nothing save for being able to mass produce cute little salt shakers (which btw would be counterproductive seeing as they reduced salt). Oh, and for people fluttering their eyes and saying "Awwwww".

I swear - if I were the brand manager for this account, I would have looked DDB straight in the eye, and said "Are you f-ing kidding me? Where's my brand?" And why should people care that there's 25% less sodium? This is doing nothing to sell my product, or distinguish it from the others. You could just as easily run this for a Chines Food Restaurant that now cooks with less salt. Again - no one smart enough to say "Are you sure this is right for the BRAND? THAT'S what we're selling, not some incredibly cute CG experiment.

The IKEA lamp idea worked because it talks to used accessories that are now unwanted because they were replaced. It talks directly to the product. This doesn't.

3 stars only because of the execution.

OH, and if I have your attention - an anyone point to a link for the commercial that's running right now for this guy cooking frozen veggies beside a window in a remote research facility. An abominable snowman reaches in, pulls him out, then reaches in for the cooking veggies. It ends with "Goes great with meat". Ivan - you have to post it if it's discovered. Thanks in advance.

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I love this one :

And I didn't know anything abt the product until I saw the video clip above. Yeah, I also think the brand here is somehow invisible...

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Very sweet! They are also giving out some salt and pepper gifts as a promotion in Canada.

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jajaj absolutament fantàstic!!!

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Wow, they totally killed this campaign before it even started.

Ted Danson
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