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March 2011


At Kellogg’s, we believe in the power of breakfast and its ability to bring out the best in each day. And yet, one in four children lives in food-insecure households, making breakfast hard to come by. So when you share your breakfast with us, we'll help share breakfast with kids in school who might otherwise miss out. Our goal? To help share one million breakfasts by the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

Film advertisement created by Leo Burnett, United States for Kellogg's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: Don Bowen, Jim Bolton
Art Directors / Copywriters: Rick Brim, Daniel Fisher
Director of Photography: Federico Alfonzo
Producer: Emma Bewley
Production Company: Spank Corp Ltd
Director: Tim Brown
VFX / SPX / Editorial / Editor: Mark Edinoff / The Quarry
Music Company: All usage/licensing handled by Sound Lounge
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Vingy's picture

agree whit Shawali, if it had be done for real it would have been better, this just looks lame and boring

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Copywriter at Advance
Shawali's picture

Might have been funnier if it had been done for real, unbeknownst to the people who live there.

A few guys would have been pissed because the couldn't use their car but what the heck, it's be an eco friendly breakfast.

Activity Score 8408
Art Director at freelance visual creative/Paris, France |

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

atb2005's picture

Where have you been, mon ami?

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agwbl's picture

It's a cute idea, but many people wouldn't even notice it was out there until they had finished their own breakfast and were in a freakin' hurry to get to work. I would bet that most of the neighborhood would be pissed and most of the seats would sit empty. And that's not even considering the problems the police and the fire department would have with it.

Activity Score 302
Vingy's picture

agree whit Shawali, if it had be done for real it would have been better, this just looks lame and boring

Activity Score 466
Copywriter at Advance
CuriousPencil's picture

Truly cunning way to get some market research done on the cheap guys, hats off. And of course >well done for bringing to the attention of the wider public the problem of food-insecure homes<.

Had to put that sentence in brackets to hold back my gag reflex. A nice way to raise client profile, help out the needy and get some stats for the backroom marketeers to crunch, very very well done.

[edit: referring to the website]

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Ads.chinaSMACK's picture

had so much potential to be a nice viral piece, but the use models / actors ruined it...ah well

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Advertising @ chinaSMACK

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Melaleuca In-House
morse's picture

Nice idea visually.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

monsieurange's picture

Y como últimamente se acostumbra, poner una persona asiática y una afroamericana. jjj Para que no digan que son racistas.

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Creative Director
donnyhan's picture

why i don't open video film?

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Production Manager at GreatLand Films Bj
Temple's picture

are these coke rushes?

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Creative Director
eclipse011's picture
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Art Director at Scheepens reclame adviseurs
atb2005's picture

thanks for the links.

tsk tsk tsk, leo burnett chicago....

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Glut's picture

done and way much better, Next

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
RG's picture

Nothing special here except for Primal Scream's Movin'on Up theme.

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Copywriter |


That One Guy's picture

Agreed. This should have been done with real people. Not actors.

That One Guy
Activity Score 264
University of Houston
TommyO's picture

Nice idea, bad execution. I agree it could much better if it was done for real.

Activity Score 1802
Copywriter |

That's me!

el_mediano's picture

un par de mexicanos en ese gran desayuno no hubiera estado mal, siendo que hay tantos por allá en la tierra de los sueños

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Art Director
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