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April 2018


JurisTech is a Malaysian FinTech company. We make enterprise solutions for banks such as loan origination and debt collection software. One of the challenges we face is that our employees have a lot of difficulty explaining what we do to their friends and loved ones without having them fall asleep mid-explanation.

So we decided to explain what we do by using physical representation of our software (flying robots from the future with laser scanners and stuff).

Production Company: MightyPunch Studios
Creative Director / Copywriter: Ishtiaque Hossain
Animation Director / Animation: Samir Rahman
Production Design / Storyboards: Asifur Rahman
Lead Animation / Text Effects: Shahin Shajib Siddique
Animation Clean-up / In-betweens: Faridul Islam, Naziat Aurthy
Backgrounds / Props: Mosharraf Hussain
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