Men in Progress

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November 2020


‘Men in Progress’ aims to detoxify the stereotype of masculinity and diversify the vision of the modern man with an optimistic intonation and addresses some of the outdated alpha-male interpretations of what it means to be a man. Tall, strong, sensitive, paternal, decisive, stylish, fearless and brave versus subtle, emotional, houseproud, tentative, modest, patient and confident: the new rebooted approach to masculinity.

The new campaign explores the relationships men have during their lifetime with themselves, with friends, women, family and careers, and takes us on a journey to examine what it did mean to be a man and what it can now mean.

The film uses emotion and humour to illustrate a man's progression through a responsible life with a high-speed VO and fast editing.

Film advertisement created by Air, Belgium for Jules, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Air Brussels, Belgium
Production Company: Hamlet
Creation : Arnaud Bailly, Karel De Mulder, Romain Félix, John Benois
Special thanks to: Charlotte Keup, Pauline Héraly, Bérengère Lurquin, Anastasia Bousson, Chantal Gillet, Renaud Goossens, Dominique Ruys, Jason Felstead, Thomas Landeloos
Movie production Agency: HAMLET
Director: Julien & Quentin
VFX and post-production:
Sound Production Company: Sonhouse
VO FR : Krisy /
Music: Quentin Garabedian
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