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October 2010


Film advertisement created by mcgarrybowen, United States for JPMorgan Chase, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Mcgarry Bowen, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Gordon Bowen
Executive Creative Directors: Gordon Bowen, Danny Gregory
Creative Director / Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo
Creative Director / Copywriter: Michael Demos
Producers: Celia Williams, Stacy Edelstein, Stacy Kay
Head of Production: Roseanne Horn
Production: Psyop
Director: Psyop
Director: Alex Hanson/Thibault Debaveye
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness, Neysa Horsburg
Producer: Eve Strickman
Technical Director: Tony Barbieri
Designers: Patrick Arrasmith, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Lutz Vogel, Samantha Ballardini, Stephanie Davidson
3D Artists: Borja Pena, Daniel Fine, Entae Kim, George Smaragdis, Helen Choi, Michael Shin, Russ Wooten, Soo Hee Han, Zed Bennett, Jordan Harvey
Music Producers: Jerry Krenach, Jean Scofield, Kate Urcioli
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krautland's picture

this is visually nice but it's a conceptual wankjob. it's a company assuring itself it's one of the good guys but not convincing anyone with a different opinion to change their judgement. this is what happens when you work with an agency that values protecting their billings over actually doing a valuable job.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Guest's picture

so true.

turn the sound off and it's at least nice to watch.
turn it on and it's a typical BS championship.

Guest's picture

Love the animation, very creative and sophisticated. A great ad for a bank.

jackmancer2017's picture

Yeah animation is great. If the story was great as well the whole ad would be great.

Guest's picture

Great animation. Very creative.

Guest's picture

Love it ! great ad . Congrats to all the crew involved !

Guest's picture

animation is beautiful. But – DON'T TRUST gargantual financial corporations. lol

miko1aj's picture

animation is beautiful. But – DON'T TRUST gargantual financial corporations. lol

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Guest's picture

very cool animation. i guess it's a "storybook" ending to the 2nd great depression.

Guest's picture

Great ad! Very creative. love the cat stevens music in the background.

Guest's picture

Call me a sentimentalist, but I trend to enjoy things called a concept.

Guest's picture

wooooww, beautiful, super original and gorgeeous, it even gives Chase a modern edge... not an easy thing to do at all!!!!

Guest's picture

This one is really good. The way the animation is done and the story makes sense. You can also watch it more than once, its really nice. Most of the animations on TV are really obnoxious, you want to throw a rock at your TV set. It really has to be nuanced to pull it all together. I think it succeeded the choice of music, color and lack there of, it just has the right balance. I usually hate animations this was well done !!

Guest's picture

Elegant and evocative. Great job!

Guest's picture

What a load of wank... seriuosly these bastards will leave you high and dry.

Girlfireice's picture

Great visual. Period. Turn the monitor off, and its boo-riiing!

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Copywriter at Trainee
A. Ismail's picture

Catchy. Cool (animation). "Clean". And especially, Charming. I guess all Banks need these now, so advert-wise, it delivers.

A. Ismail
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ad_kid's picture

Colors a little pale for my taste. Clean animation with a good script though.

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Marketing Manager at SF
Guest's picture

I think there are too many words. Great art direction and spectacular looking though!

bi_sign's picture


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Art Director
lucdesaulniers's picture

Ya, more likely: we put you in the hole, then when we seized your house that we couldn't sale at a profit because all other financial institutions were selling theirs, so.. we decided to leave you in yours... until.. you make enough money. Good ad bad client

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Guest's picture

Cool, cool, love the animation

Guest's picture

beautiful animation

patriciahayes's picture

Clean, creative and gets the message through. Like a lot.

Activity Score 24

Monica Hayes

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