John Dog Hausy

September 2019


While every single brand of dog food and accessories claims to deliver what’s best for both dog and its owner – one ACTUALLY delivers it. It’s John Dog, Polish online retailer, which proved it by creating a unique piece of content: a club song made solely from sampled barks and dog noises (100% edited dog sounds, nothing more), making the pets themselves react and enjoy this piece of music as much as their humans.

Advertising Agency: GPD Agency, Poznań, Poland
Sound Engineer: Krystian Musiał
Sound Engineer: Arkadiusz Namysłowski
Graphic Designer: Maciej Talaga
Motion Designer: Rita Verniers
Senior Copywriter/Composer: Sambor Kostrzewa
Creative Group Head: Łukasz Miszewski
Creative Director: Elżbieta Piątkowska
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