Nightmare on Phyllis' Street

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October 2021


JOANN, the nation’s category leader in sewing and fabrics and one of the fastest growing players in the arts and crafts industry, is bringing back comedy star Phyllis Smith in a hilarious Halloween campaign that is “sew” spooky, it might just inspire everyone to make their own DIY costumes this year.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a new docu-style webisode titled “Nightmare on Phyllis’ Street” that follows the craft-obsessed Phyllis as she attempts to win points with her boss by making a Halloween costume for the boss’ daughter that will also be entered into the annual neighborhood costume contest. There’s only one problem: Phyllis’ design has been ruined because she accidentally spilled red paint all over it.

The episode features notable DIY fashion influencer April Yang (aka @coolirpa), who comes to Phyllis’ rescue despite being her crafting nemesis, having beaten Phyllis every year to claim first prize in the contest. However, Phyllis has plans to “slaughter” the competition by secretly entering the costume unbeknownst to April. Throughout the episode, tension builds as ominous phone calls and the presence of a shadowy figure turn Phyllis’ craft room into a house of horrors.

Film advertisement created by Where Eagles Dare, United States for Joann Fabrics, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Where Eagles Dare, Pittsburgh, United States of America
Production: Pf100
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