Jean and Gene

Agency Network: 
May 2021


Film advertisement created by Carmichael Lynch, United States for 76, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Marty Senn
Exec Creative Director: Josh Leutz
Creative Director: Luke Oeth
Writer: Haley Finch
Art Director: Ellen Opacich
Head of Integrated Production: Orlee Tatarka
Senior Executive Producer: Dominique Anzano
Senior Content Producer: James Sorbel
Content Business Manager: Tara DiNicola
Account Management Team: Jen Corrigan, Brad Wellman, Caleb Peabody
Associate Director, Project Management: Lisa Brody
Planning Director: Sarah Poluha
Media: Andrew Lapham, Emma Freeman, Lindsey Ambrosius
Social Engagement: Gemma Forbush, Ingrid Pfefferle, Irene Buettner-Salido
Production Company: O Positive
Director: Jess Coulter
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer: Marc Grill
Line Producer: Devon Clark
Director of Photography: Gyula Pados
Edit House: Cut+Run
Editor: Pete Koob
Assistant Editor: Stefan Manz
Executive Producer: Deanne Mehling
Producer: Cassandra Guardado
VFX House / Online Artist Drive Thru: Derek Johnson
Telecine Company 3: Tim Masick
Audio Mix Sisterboss: Micah Johnson
Sound Design Sisterboss: Micah Johnson
Post Production Audio Producers: Annie Sparrows, Kasi White
VFX House: Drive Thru
On-Line Editor: Derek Johnson
Post Producer: Beth Wilson
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