The Celebration

October 2020


For James Joyce fans, the ad is filled with subtle nods to the author’s works, something the brand itself also carries throughout its award-winning product and packaging design. The hints of Aegean blue in the room are a nod to the first edition dust cover of ‘Ulysses’ (and the brand’s packaging from which also draws on this inspiration). The building itself is based on the one inhabited by Joyce’s great aunts which was also the setting for ‘The Dead’. The oranges dotted about the room are a nod to those eaten at the meal in ‘The Dead’ as well as the orange and clove botanicals in the gin. The cast itself even has nods to the work, with actor Philem Drew narrating the voiceover. Known for My Left Foot (1989), King Arthur (2004) and The Commitments (1991), Philem is the son of the Irish folk singer Ronnie Drew, one of the founders of Irish folk band The Dubliners.

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