The Art of Villainy

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February 2015



Film advertisement created by TAG, United Kingdom for Jaguar, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Tag, UK
Producer: Nicole Southey
Creative Director: Matt Page, Piggy Lines
Production Compnay: Rouge Films
Director: Mark Jenkinson
Producer: Tom Farley
DOP: Alex Barber
Editor: Kevin Palmer / TenThree
Music: Chris Green / Massive Music
Producer: Pete Jones
Shoot Supervisor: Hussein Hassani
Editor: TenThree
Flame: Hussein Hassani
Colourist: Mark Horrobin
3D Artist: Sandra Clua
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Wow. This is f*cking amazing.

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i absolutely love this commercial. First and foremost, the sharp scenery throughout duration of the advertisement plays into the type of brand image that Jaguar is trying to portray. The cunning character they use gives a sort of personality to the car, while also telling a story all the while. Many of Jaguars latest advertisements use a kind of a soft voiced intellectual man with an english accent to show off the car, possibly to give the image that the vehicle has more of a classy personality rather than just flashy. Also is you pay close attention the main character is quick to shoo away what looks to be a Porsche, an obvious competitor in the car market for the Jaguar brand. What this commercial does that i have not seen often in other car advertisements and allows you to hear the engine roar. If it were up to me i wouldn't change a single thing about this advertisement. It is both original and eye catching.

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Evan Hollis

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This ad was fantastic. It really showed the appeal of owning a Jaguar. The angle that Jaguar is taking on advertising their new products is interesting because they are comparing their cars to villains instead of the more traditional heroes approach which caught my attention. They mention how their cars have the characteristics as villains which are normally classy and in charge. The actor portraying the villain seemed to live a luxurious lifestyle and the car matched the role. Also they went on to explain how villains have a distinct sound and later in the ad with the car accelerating at a high speed, the engine sounded very unique, showing that others may be able to recognize a Jaguar by the sound alone. They have had other commercials similar to this with many British villains but this one showed the best analogy of them all. Overall this campaign is great for the Jaguar Brand.

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This is what a GREAT car ad can be if it had a load of talking in it. LOVED IT!!

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raw tuna
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Wow. This is f*cking amazing.

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It's ok

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