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May 2017


Jägermeister stands for friendship. The brand is active wherever friendship is celebrated. But how can you reach people right where they chat to their friends on a daily basis? On their smartphones. In Messengers.

The idea: Jägermeister “Jäm Bot” – the first chat bot, that raps. Featuring two of Germany’s most popular rappers, Eko Fresh and Ali As, the bot turns a regular Facebook Messenger message into the most personal rap video ever made.

Using artificial intelligence, the chat bot asks the user some essential questions for the message: The name and gender of the recipient, and the purpose of the message. Jäm Bot then sent this information live into a recording studio to the rappers. They transformed it into a personalized music video. Finally, Jäm Bot sent the video back to the users.

Chat Bots are programs in messenger apps that offer services via a human-like dialogue. Currently, chat bots are used for example to configure products, book flights and subscribe to news services.

At the heart of the campaign was the live event on December 6th, 2016 with Eko Fresh and Ali As in the recording studio. Working together with the bot, the artists turned countless chat messages into rap videos. Jäm Bot offered the fitting occasions by itself. What should your message say?: A toast to friends? Apologize for leaving a party? Or just tease somebody a little? These are just some of the many possibilities offered.

The event was broadcasted from the recording studio on Facebook Live. A mix of blog posts by influencers, Facebook messenger ads, video ads and Instagram ads completed the campaign by creating buzz and winning lots of new participants.

Film advertisement created by La Red, Germany for Jagermeister, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: LA RED, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Jan Hellberg
Art Directors: Christoph Mäder, Marjan Haidar
Copywriters: Marco Gabriel, Malte Klaedtke
Photographer: Christoph Mäder
Technical Director: Kevin Breynck
Account Director / Talent Handling: Andreas Frost
Media Strategist / Media Planning: Sven Springer
Technical Realization: ">Knowhere
Managing Director: Patrick Zimmermann
Programmer: Robert Weber
Film Production: blmfilm
Creative Producer: Ariane Gengelbach
Music, Sound, Studio: German Wahnsinn
Sound / Music: Micky Berg, Sarah Andresen
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