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love it, because it's different...

me too !
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Great example of how childlike expression can be both wonderful (art direction) and incredibly naive and simple-minded (political commentary).

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i like this and i agree it is different. But it definately reminded me of the V Energy Drink from Colenso BBDO New Zealand. check it out:

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Shit yeah... WHAT A RIP!!! It's another case of the ol' cause and effect follow on copy someone's ad hey...

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Very cool indeed!

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fantastic, well well done.
the childish look makes it work just great, and the clame at the end is superb.

great work boys and girls.

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yeah i love when there's so much love put in the execution! great

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Amazing visual... bravo. Art at its best. On the other hand, is very much like V

Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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This is cool, I love the strap line "One of the world's most important energy drinks" !

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this is a total ripoff of this idea here, which by the way may have already been copied once.

The Fox one might have been ripped.

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Yes i see the connection... you are a genius, why didn't i see it before.

did you strain your brain typing "animated ad" in YouTube?

i see you are accepting job offers... good luck.

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Mr. Rex, apparently you have overstrained your marvelous brain for not noticing that I said "THE IDEA" is a rip off.

The fella at the beginning of the comments showed some examples, and I showed others that have practically the same payoff...

Use/buy the product and consequently you get world peace.

Rip off, intentional or not...

I happen to have a very rewarding job at the present moment for which the least important thing in my life was to update a little check box in a blog, thank you very much.

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Dont copy and Past...
I'll find you !

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