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October 2010

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Film advertisement created by Innocean, Canada for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada
Creative Director: Gary Westgate
Writers: Danielle Haythorne, Nelson QuintelArt
Director: Noel Fenn
Agency Producer: Alina Prussky
Production House: Radke/MJZProduction House
Producer: Mark Hall
Executive Producer: Miriana DiQuinzio
Cinematographer: Chris Soos
Director: Blue Source, Leigh Marling
Editor: Chris Van Dyke, Jon Devries
Editing company: School
Online: School
Logo Treatment: The Vanity, Naveen Srivastava
Colorist: Notch, Billy Ferwerda
Audio Post Facility / Music House: Vapor Music
Composer: Joey Serlin
Group Account Director: Keith McDevit / Gail Dhruv
Account Manager: Thomas Flood
Media Agency: Initiative
Media Director: Tatania Tucker
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ivan's picture
Creative Director at Ads of the World
morse's picture

Greenwashing of course, but still very good idea and production.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

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velle's picture

very clever
*pretends to turn green with envy in effort to express backhanded compliment*

Activity Score 1550
Guest's picture

Awesome idea. A nice twist on the typical car ad. Very nice.

jackmancer2017's picture

Love it, good twist indeed at the end.

krautland's picture

nobody comments on the voiceover being jeff bridges? sacrilegious.
anyway, the making of is more interesting.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Guest's picture

But it's driving at the start, driving using fuel... flawed. FAIL...

Guest's picture

Actually, it isn't driving. In camera trickery.

Guest's picture

No carbon footprint? Maybe in front of the camera. I saw them shooting this commercial, and they had big camera cranes and huge spotlights on. Was the energy that was used to turn those things on and keep them on taken into account? Or all the food made to feed the actors and people working the bikes and other contraptions? Or the amount of energy used to power the computers to edit the spot? It's an interesting thought, but, I'm calling call bullsh*t on the claim.

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