2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship, Die Hard

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June 2010


Film advertisement created by Innocean, United States for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Innocean, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Spiegel
Creative Directors: Doug James, Robert Prins
Art Director: Tom Gibson
Copywriter: Steve O'Brien
Exec Producer: Will Woollett
Sr. Producer: Monica Bunch
Account Director: Richard Cran
Account Executive: Lara Trapasso
Dir of Broadcast Business: Barbara Schettino
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rocky Morton
DP: Kris Kachikis
Exec Producer: Jeff Scruton
Producer: Donald Taylor
Production Mgr: Alana Mitnick
Editorial: Arcade
Editor: Paul Martinez
Asst Editor: Andy Trecki
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Exec Producer: Deanne Mehling
Producer: Ali Reed
Music and Sound Deign: Stimmung
Exec Producer: Ceinwyn Clark
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Hiperion's picture

I love this.
It´s much better than prints.

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Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Hiperion's picture

I love this.
It´s much better than prints.

Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Phil Lestino's picture

I read about this in the news. "Ancient soccer fan hit by Hyundai on way to stadium"....

Phil Lestino
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No!! Terrible! It has no consistency with the inspiring tone of the print campaign. The commercials killed it for me.

Temple's picture

Funny, much better than the stupid worldwide ad Hyundai runs for world cup.

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Creative Director
cezara's picture

:))))) very funny

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Guest's picture

i'm portuguese.

this ad is offensive, not to mention downright incompetent, to see the portuguese portrayed like this.

nothing wrong with corpses or football-obsessed natives. my country is plentiful in both.
however, i take exception to a spot that promotes a world-famous brand,
runs during a culturally important event for the world,
and humiliates the portuguese people
(and, by association, the agency, production company and, of course, the brand endorsing said ad).


for fuxsakes!, we're all talking to stereotypes here, but people, come on, surely a portuguese person on the payroll wouldn't have damaged the budget that much (jeff bridges does the voice-over, after all). such mistakes are so easy to prevent that when they do happen, it's not just like a continuity error. it's purely incompetent.

and rocky morton and the mjz people didn't even cast properly??? that's what bugs me the most: incompetence is not a cause but a symptom.

it's not about my nation's values. it's about ignorance over production values.

feddy_boo179's picture

Funny but a little bit negative when comparing loyalty of soccer fan to that of car customer. I agree that any company wants to turn their customers into fans.So when your customers die, you put 'em in Hyundai car and bury underground ? ^__^

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Guest's picture

I am not Portuguese but I speak it fluently (learned it from Europeans and have many Brazilian friends) and when I saw this commercial, my first thought was, these guys are major idiots! The dead guy is in full Portuguese strip, there is Portuguese music in the background and the wife is speaking Brazilian Portuguese and the son is speaking English with a Brazilian accent. Then I thought, man are my Portuguese friends going to be pissed!

Its not a matter of not wanting to be mistaken for Brazilians, its a matter of a car company with $$$ wanting to use your national identity to promote its interest but not caring enough to depict it accurately.

For those that don't speak Portuguese, imagine if Hyundai made a similar commercial but instead the wife was dead and was supposedly American and the husband was Hugh Grant or David Beckham with full English accent. You would either think, man these people are imbeciles OR the woman was American and married to an Englishman. However, if the ad were directed to a non-English speaking audience the latter scenario would be more likely and the fact that it is a 30 second ad would make you think, the former scenario is too much information for an ad, these imbeciles just dropped the ball. What morons!

Hyundai, se vocês fazerem outro anúncio que tem a ver com identidades nacionais, por favor fazem pesquisas.

Guest's picture

Concordo com voce. Por favor, Hyundai, façam pesquisas antes de iniciar um projeto...

Guest's picture

Why is he wearing a portuguese football uniform when his family is talking portuguese with a brazilian accent. it makes no sense. hyundai fail.

I'm brazilian and I now what I talk about......

Guest's picture

Besides the obvious, my major issue is that the man in the casket looks very much like my father. Facial features... mustache, beard and all. My father passed away in 2003. So, watching the World Cup at times has been difficult. And before any wise-asses make any remarks... He was buried in his favorite dress shirt and jeans.

Guest's picture

Are Brazilian women not allowed to marry soccer nuts from Portugal and sire fat, oafish Turks?

Guest's picture

not good, i dont like it

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