There’s No Two Left Feet

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September 2016


Hungary is a football crazy nation, but in the past 40 years success have avoided us. Until last year. With veterans making up the core of the national team, the demand for new talent has never been higher. Unfortunately the people still didn’t believe their kids have the talent to be world class athletes. Clumsy people are often referred to as having two left feet, although no one has taken this expression literally. Until now...

We swapped all the right foot shoes with lefties in a sneaker store, and waited for the reaction. When the kids realised they don’t fit we took them with an even bigger surprise. This is Zoltan Gera, member of the Hungarian National Football team. We literally proved that no kid has two left feet. This is how we promoted the National Football association talent programme for children.

Film advertisement created by Café Communications, Hungary for Hungarian Football Federation, within the category: Sports.

Advertising Agency: Café Communications, Budapest, Hungary
Executive Creative Director: Zoltán Simon
Creative Director: Gábor Szűcs
Copywriters: Ádám Fürst, Balázs Simon
Illustrator: Gábor Oláh
Account Director: Edina Egyházy
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