April 2021


With our society increasingly conscious of the environment, Hummer needed to dramatically change its tune. The brand ceased operations 12 years ago, but returned last year with a startling introduction: all-electric vehicles. We decided to prove their newfound dedication to the environment by creating a vehicle designed to protect it. The pairing of the perfect off-roading vehicle with sonic fire extinguishers enhances the brand’s reputation and creates real impact by helping fire-fighters battle forest fires. The extinguishers are placed at the SUV’s front and a turret extinguisher is placed on the roof in a nod to Hummer’s military roots. For the fire-fighters’ safety, all controls are inside the SUV. Additionally, this method removes the need to waste precious water or use toxic chemicals to combat the flames. We wanted everyone to hear how we hum out the heat, so our Spotify and social media executions put fires out online.

Film advertisement created by S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, United States for Hummer, within the category: Automotive.

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