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June 2014

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Film advertisement created by RPA, United States for Honda, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: RPA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Sarah May Bates
Creative Director / Art Director: Demian Oliveira
Sr. Art Director: Leo Borges
Copywriter: Amina Abdel-Halim
Art Director: Joaquin Salim
Copywriter: Peter Megler
Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
Executive Producer: Isadora Chesler
Producer: Phung Vo
Director of Business Affairs: Maria Del Homme
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Jennifer Ross
Management Account Director: Brett Bender
Account Director: Jeff Moohr
Management Supervisor: Cathy O'Gorman
Sr. Account Executive: Angelica Hollander
Assistant Account Executive: Paul Sulzer
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Mike Maguire
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
EP: Colleen O’Donnell
Head of Production: Rachel Glaub
DP: Toby Irwin
Line Producer: Tracy Broaddus
Production Supervisor: Mitch Livingston
Editorial: Cut & Run
Editor: Jay Nelson
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Managing Director: Michelle Eskin
EP: Carr Schilling
Head of Production: Amburr Farls
Assistant Editors: Sean Fazende, Clarke Rives
VFX / Finishing: A52
EP: Megan Meloth
Head of Production: Kim Christensen
Producer: Meredith Cherniack
VFX Supervisor: Andy McKenna
Lead Flame: Brendan Crocket
Composer: Jeremy C. Simon
Telecine: Company 3
Artist: Sean Coleman
Producer: Matt Moran
Mix & Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Dave Wagg
Assistant: Adam Primack
Executive Producer: Jessica Locke
Celebrity Talent: Nick Thune
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Virginia Whorley's picture

I find this offensive and falsely educates the public on narcolepsy. I have the chronic condition yet I am perfectly capable of driving as it is extremely rare to fall asleep midscentence and while standing. Narcolepsy effects 1 in every 2,000 people and should not be made a joke.

Virginia Whorley
Jennifer E. 's picture

Not cool. I just saw this commercial tonight (6/24/14) on Hulu and was so shocked that I immediately looked it up. I'm a current Honda owner, have Narcolepsy, and can drive with treatment. I've been considering buying a new Fit, but it's now off my list due to your inconsiderate portrayal- that and apparently it's not a good choice for me according to the ad. Besides inconsiderate, it's just _sloppy_ work- do some due diligence on your content next time.

Jennifer E.
Alison Gothard's picture

This ad mocked narcolepsy, a condition I have. It portrays narcolepsy in a way that is not realistic, and is harmful to those of us who live with the condition. Most of us do drive, and we are generally safer than others because we know if we feel tired we should get off the road. Most people keep trying to drive when sleepy, and it results in thousands of preventable car accidents every year.

Honda pulled and remade the ad when it received complaints.

Alison Gothard
Not a soccer mom's picture

My 12 year old son was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy. It's no joking matter. You might as well pick on people who have autism, Parkinson's, etc too, why leave
Out everyone w a neurological brain disorder? Wouldn't want to discriminate

Not a soccer mom
Another Mother of a PWN's picture

I am amazed that out of 44 people involved with this ad, no one raised a question about the appropriateness of making fun of someone with an illness/disability. Who are you going to target next? Someone with Down's Syndrome or MS?? Not Funny. Rude, tacky, totally without class. I am amazed that in this day and age, you even considered this.

Another Mother ...
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