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June 2017


Film advertisement created by RPA, United States for Honda, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, California, USA
Directors: Laurent Ledru, Georgia Tribuiani
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producers: Justin Booth-Clibborn, Ellen Turner, Rich Pring
Head of Production (Live Action): Monica Reimold
Line Producer: Eric Escott
DOP: Jess Hall
Production Designer: Rob Pearson
Head of Production (VFX): Drew Bourneuf
Producers: Nick Read, Nathan Lueptow, Lucy Clark
Associate Producer: Jacob Markson
Designers: Andrew Park, Trevor Conrad, Claire Kang, Dmitry Klyushkin, Ronald Kurniawan, Julien Renoult, James Zapata
Lead Technical Directors: Kyle Cassidy, Pavel Pranevsky, Mathew Rotman
Lead Character Technical Director: Nelio Naut
VFX: Mathew Rotman, James Atkinson, Kevin Gillen
Previz Artists: Jack Anderson, Stuart Allan, Josh Lange
Modelers: Rafael Zabala, James Schauf
Texture Artists: Michael Rogers, Pavel Pranevsky
Riggers: Sean Kealey, Nelio Naut, Ke Rong
Lighter: Pavel Pranevsky, Nitesh Nagda
3D Generalists: Kyle Cassidy, Jason Kim
3D Animators: Will Kistler, Ty Coyle, Ben Girmann, Tarun Lakshminarayanan
2D Supervisors: Lane Jolly, Kim Stevenson
Technical Animation: Nelio Naut, Josh Sobel
Storyboard Artists: Raymond Harvie, Peter Kim
Matte Painters: Andrew Park, Brian Lee
Compositor: Lane Jolly, Kim Stevenson, Ryan Raith, Danny Song, Krystal Chinn
Flame Artists: Kim Stevenson, Sam Shiflett
Editors: Jim Haygood, Lance Pereira
Assistant Editor: Joe Hughes
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very usefull !

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like the concept. execution didn't work for me though

Wrong Opinion
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very usefull !

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Nice looking beasts.

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